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Hawthorne School 6

Hawthorne School--Mrs. Reese 6th Grade--Bakersfield, CA--1949


Armand Sandoval, ?, Edward Gee, David Arnold, ?, Beverly Smith, Carol Sloss, Linda Lum, Vergie Smith, Claudette Monroe, Mary Chacon, Mr. Thomas (Principal) middle row: Billy Stanton, Marsh Runyon, Tommy Mullins, ?, Roger Bailey, Genevieve Choy, Susan Jeong, Gloria Cooper, Janice Chinn, Lynn Knopf, Genevie Davis, Pat Odle, Robert Pacciorini front row: Harley Bates, Gary Flitcraft, Alan Strasner, Jimmy Lankford, Donnie Lewis, Richard Yick, Robert Page, Milton Chow, Melvin Twist, ?

Blue Line


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