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Emerson Junior High School 10

Emerson--Mrs. Ralston 8th Grade--Bakersfield, CA--3-13-51


back row: Alex Gonzales, Charles Fike, Beverlee Smith, Sandra Chanley , Martha Dumble , Joan Merrick , Bob Rogers, Mike McCans, Billy Stanton, Terry Poteet
middle row: Carol Go, Judy Johnson, Novella Oglesby, Dick Hacking, , , Dick Holmes, , Louis Olsen, , Arthur Carlson, Jim Dietrick, Mrs. Ralston
front row: John Carnakis, Ruth Lim, Joy Wellins, Donna Moak, Brian Holecheck, Judy Tindall, Grace Rogers, Genevieve Choy, Susan Jeong, Judy Marchi, Dorothy Adkins

Blue Line


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